Who Murdered Ernest Martin In June?

The judge found so many were

involved in the murder there

would need to be a class

action indictment.


Who had their hands on the needle

which murdered Ernest Martin in Ohio in June? after 20 years

in jail for shooting a man in a robbery?

Unelected Antonin Scalia.. who refused to recuse himself

  from the Gore election decision though both his sons

  worked for Olson and Richards, voted against clemency

Unelected cowgirl Sandra Day O'Connor voted against mercy

Unelected William Rehnquist voted against compassion..

  a serial killer in this regard

Unelected Monsanto attorney Clarence Thomas voted

  against divine love

Unelected Anthony Kennedy voted against release.. many times

  he has murdered with his pen

Money-elected Robert Taft.. voted against God

Illegal Lehman Brothers money recipient Jim Petro

   voted against his own conscience

Career driven Bill Mason, Christian in name, ignored

  Jesus' message to cast the first stone only if he was without

  sin. His staff also claim to be followers of the abolitionist


Corrupt Betty Montgomery greased the slide.

God receive Ernest Martin.. be with him as he leaves

his body.. give him infinite joy .. give all beings infinite

joy today and forever


http://www.amnesty.org http://www.prejean.org

http://www.aclu.org http://www.clevedp.org http://www.smu.edu/~deathpen


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