Carolinas: Killing Democracy, Pigs and Our Lungs

South and North Carolina

killing democracy like China

with appellate unelected judges

who ignore the pig farm sludge

Karen Henderson and David Sentelle

.. as anyone can tell

facilitate auschwitzes for pigs

.. and the lungs of America


Tyrant Judge David Sentelle

Judge David Sentelle

.. anyone can tell

with tyrannical


power did swell


God take him and all unelected judges off the

bench whether or not they are appointed

through CIA pawn Hatch.

This week Sentelle ruled that Ashcroft and other Gestapo

can arrest secretly and jail secretly.. human beings.

The lead among the unelected "Three Judge Panel" that selected Starr as Whitewater Independent Council.

Partisan republican in North Carolina politics. At one time served on same judicial ciruit as Ken Starr.

This is the Judge that overturned Oliver North's Iran-Contra convictions. Lunched with Jesse Helms and Lauch Faircloth just before his mysterious panel named Starr to replace Robert Fiske as Special Whitewater investigator.

Federalist Society

Deposed Fiske as Whitewater OIC, appointed Kenneth Starr-August 1994

Overturned ruling that Bill Gates had to testify in public-August 1998

There are 13 appellate courts, 1 federal, 1 in DC

and 11 circuit courts. The CIA through Orrin Hatch

has moved people directly onto the bench.

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