US Junta Soldiers Fire On Baghdad Crowd

Iraqis Allah took many years to grow

are forced out of their bodies

in a few seconds by US junta

as part of its 'democratization'



(Earlier this year a car of 7 women

and children was peppered with

bullets.. killing all)

Junta soldiers fired on the crowd

in Baghdad today, killing at least

2, injuring several, as the junta

seeks to imprint junta style

democracy from America onto


People of America!! Bring the

men and women home.

God take all violent men

and women out of government

corporate and individual

positions of power today.

(The Pentagon will not release

the names or numbers of the

tens of thousands in Iraq

profiteering for Halliburton's

Kellogg Brown Root and other

war profiteers arranged by

the Defense Policy Board's

30 members, still including

Perle, and doing 76 billion

a year in business with dollars

stolen from America's poor.)

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