Kentucky And West Virginia: Holy Ground

In Mingo and Pike Counties

in Kentucky and West Virginia

over 60 members of the Hatfield

and McCoy clans have signed

a peace treaty..

"The holiest ground in all creation

is that in which 2 former foes


The holiest ground..

is Kentucky and West Virginia.

May Israelis and Palestinians

join in making their land holier.


the quote is from the Course In Miracles

transcribed by Helen Schucman

Kentucky went with the South

and West Virginia broke from

southern Virginia in the Civil War

J H Hatfield, author of Fortunate Son,

was found dead in an out of state

motel room.

Another Hatfield is being blamed

for the weaponized anthrax program

at Ft Detrick and it as a source

for attacks on Capitol Hill.

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