Smoking Behind The Barn No More

"Where are you going Bangaru?" asked Baba

of a boy in his school, and then made a motion

of smoking, for He knew that the boy had

been smoking behind the barn in violation of

the school rules. Bangaru is Baba's affectionate

term for many of His devotees and means 'raw gold'.

The boy denied he had been smoking, until Baba

held out His palm and materialized a photo

of the boy smoking near the barn.

Baba in His incarnation as Shirdi Sai Baba

smoked a cigar, but does not in this life.

As Krishna He washed horses for the righteous

side in a war, but He teaches universal nonviolence.

Baba in His incarnation as Krishna was a lacto

fruitarian.. eating dairy products and fruit.

But in this incarnation Baba advises the

avoidance of dairy and the avoidance of cooked food

as well as abstinence from eggs, meat, and fish.

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