Maryland Animal Abusers

They take up

needles and


and innocent

creatures they do harm

God stop them


Maryland Animal Abusers

1. Bethesda Naval Hospital  confining chimps for months

  at a time in chairs

2. National Institutes of "Health"  Bethesda

  supervising billions in pharmaceutical welfare

and animal torture

3. Ft Detrick.. Frederick Maryland  in just 1 study

  over 4000 monkeys sacrificed for 1 aspect of their

  weaponized anthrax development

4. Purdue  .. Eastern Shore  Salisbury Maryland auschwitz

  for chickens

5. University of Maryland.. College Park.. harming creatures

6. Maryland crab industry.. taxes stolen from the poor

  to subsidize the marketing of hepatitis C infected

  innocent crabs

7. Johns Hopkins  Baltimore.. one of the biggest animal

  abusers in the world.. received 100 million from Michael


this is a tiny fraction of the list

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