Ban On Canned Hunts

The souls of the deer

silently send

their thanks to your ears

to the Assembly of NY


Subject: (NY) : Canned Hunt bill PASSES Assembly!

Immediate Action Requested

From the Fund For Animals

Yesterday, the New York State Assembly passed A4609, the bill to

ban "canned shoots" regardless of acreage. It is time to PUSH the


through the State Senate before th e session ends on June 19th, and

we need your help!

1. Please call State Senator Frank Padavan (518-455-3381), and

thank him for introducing S2735, the Senate version of the "canned

shoot" bill. Ask him to do everything he can to pass this bill


the Senate, now that it has gone through the Assembly.

2. Please call Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (518-455-3191)

and ask him to pass the "canned shoot" bill under his watch before


end of session.

3. Please contact your own State Senator and ask him/her to help

pass the "canned shoot" bill. Fax or email your Senator by visiting




Thank you

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