Japan, the US, China in WW 2

An overcast Day in Niigata japan

A friend taught English in Japan..One man came up to her and said he was born in Niigata Japan on August 6, 1945. Then he told her he was alive because it

was a cloudy day... for Niigata and not Hiroshima was selected

as the first atom bomb target by Harry Truman (though the Japanese

government had already privately offered surrender).

A second man came up to her... and said that March 10, 1945

during the days of firebombing of the rice paper shacks of Tokyo

(which killed more people than the atom bomb), his brother

and he had been running down the stairway, which collapsed

killing his brother.


FDR had broken the Japanese code and knew before Dec 7, 1941 of the Pearl Harbor plans.

The unprovisioned Japanese soldiers, set down in China

without food since 1937, had killed millions of Chinese.

The Bataan Death March (General MacArthur having

abandoned the troops sailing off to Australia in a boat) killed

many Americans.

What was done to the Japanese civilians by Harry Truman

and to Chinese civilians and American soldiers by the Japanese


is being done by Japanese fishermen armed with machine

driven harpoons to whales and with knives to dolphins.

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