David Hicks

David Hicks, Australian, was held

incommunicado in Guantanamo as the US junta

says Guantanamo is under sovereign Cuba..

while to the rest of the world

the US junta says the opposite.


update: Hicks has been released


Joe Margulis speaking from St Paul is attorney

for 4 of the detainees, 2 Brits and 2 Australians.

1 He said that the US (junta) is for the first time

considering death sentences without judicial review,

2 that evidentiary standards do not apply, e.g. hearsay

is allowed.

3 In military tribunals the attorney does

not necessarily have access to his client or to the evidence.

4 The tribunal is both judge and jury.

Ellen Silva of NPR disallowed a question about

the deaths by torture of Afghan detainees in US


5. Neal Conan said these men do not even have the protection

of prisoners of war.

6. Margulis: This is the first time the US (junta)

has now allowed a process by which innocence can be


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