Haiku Attempt: Catholics In Name

We don't want


We don't want isigesis

just want to follow

the words of Jesus


Are these Catholics following Christ?

The Christ who told Peter to put down

his sword? At least 6 of the 7 of these

are warmongers.

The Christ who stopped an execution in progress

saying "let him without sin cast the first stone"

All 7 of these have worked to kill in the

name of the state.

The Christ who called those who eat animals

sarcophagi or flesh eaters (translated

as whited sepulchres to reduce the power

of the message?)

All of these have promoted the animal slaughter


As Britain moves closer to doing away with the position

of Lord Chancellor, it is time for the US to do

away with the investiture of unelected tyrants with

great power. God remove all unelected and elected killers

from office.






Antonin Scalia

Anthony Fauci

Tim Russert

George Voinovich.. We pray for your healing as we continue

  to pray that God remove you from power unless you are

  now aligned to His nonviolent will.. Please shut down

  the Buckeye Egg Farm monstrosity of suffering you began

Mike DeWine

Jim Talent

Frank Keating

Charles Santorum

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