Addiction ~ 4/28/06 ~ 3:21pm

I watched him examine her

Drag his fingers down her rib cage

Slowly, counting each one

I watched him kiss her stomach

Worked his way up to her heart

Gently, breaking her barrier

I watched him stare at her

Take in every aspect of her being

Sadly, realizing no end

I watched him grab her

Pull her close to hold her tight

Quickly, her body bruises

I watched her start to listen

Holding her lover's hand

Slowly, remembering to breathe

I watched her kiss his lips

Bringing him so close

Shyly, letting go

I watched her stare at him

Remember every feeling and touch

Painfully, realizing the truth

I watched her grab him

Pull him close and never let go

Quickly, entering complete bliss.

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