The Rule~7/29/05~9:17am

This is the rule, this is how my life goes

All must hurt me for reasons I'll never know

Ignore me & treat me like shit

Everything is fine, I'm used to it

Pay no attention to my feelings at all

I'll try my best to blend with the wall

Put on my front like nothing's misplaced

Watch life pass by with a fake smile on my face

This is the rule, this is how my life goes

Until someone breaks through the wallpaper of foes

They'll make me see that I have real value

One look in your eyes with hope that peace resides in you

Drop this gaurd & retire my fake smile

Show me life worth living for a while

Someone must care & think I'm worth the wait

Wishful thinking for it's no use, you're too late

This is the rule, this is how life turns out

Always stuck in the middle of a scream or a shout

Knowing only negativity & showing the same

Controlling my anger & keeping my actions tame

I'll keep it all locked deep inside of me

Because i know you aren't the one to set me free

Keep hope in me, never lose that gleam in you eye

Wait for my walls to fall & my soul to rise to the sky

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