Conditions of Love You, Later, and Good Bye

*Conditions of Good-Bye:

~someone that you're never going to see again or never WANT to see again

~parents...some see it as a sign of dis-respect if you say something such as "later"

~when im really upset i will say it

*Conditions of Later(s), Peace, C-Ya, etc.:


~pretty much everyone else

*Conditions of I Love You:


~spouse or fiance

~serious feelings for boyfriend or girlfriend

*Conditions of Love You or Luv Yaz:

~really close friends

*Conditions of Luv Ya or Wuv Ya:


~boyfriend or girlfriend that you dont have serious feelings for

~*~so yea thats the deal! Cam asked me if i dont say "bye" to people because of Russell. Yes, Russell is part of why i dont say it. Pretty much everyone that i have said "bye" to i have lost in one way or another. They have either died, got locked up, we stopped hanging out, or stopped being friends all together.~*~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...setting the record straight...

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