Tragic Song~12/12/03~2:16am

we all have our problems, we all have an ordeal

sometimes we think none of this can be real

may be when we wake up from this zombish state

well learn to be nicer and let go of all of our hate

or may be we will never awake

doomed to live a life that is so fake

i dont know what happened, or where i went wrong

i dont know why i claim my life to be a tragic song

i want to be happy as i long for that great day

the day when i will want to stay instead of run away

i cant fix this and neither can you

we can only watch the fading glue

the glue that held my life bound

the glue was my friends, but now theyre no where to be found

they left me that day i got in trouble

vanished, retreated to their little bubble

i wont bother them, wont let them in my soul

wont let them see that ive lost control

i cant help this, can no longer be strong

so ill sit slowly dying while i sing my tragic song

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