No Way Out

I once heard in a movie that "you can survive anything if you have a way out"...well i once had a few ways out and even before that i felt i didnt need any. i miss those days when i apparently didnt need any, but then again...may be i did and i just didnt realize it. those days when i was a toddler seemed so simple...annoy my brothers, go to the playground for 3 hours, go admire my mom and dad, and then settle down for a nap. whered those days go? now that i am older it seems so complicated...maye thats because it is. am i being forced to grow up too fast, or am i just not ready for the things that are to come? i have yet to find a solid answer to that question that i can fall back and depend on.

One thing that is holding me back from one sure-fire way out that i used to have is PROMISES! some people have asked me-myself included-"why do we need PROMISES?" and i have replied, "they keep you alive". PROMISES have kept me alive for a very long time and i wonder that if life got too hard, that if something more horrific than i have ever experianced came up...would i have the strength to keep those PROMISES? id like to think that i would, but i guess i will never know if/until i experiance it.

I look at a person i know and he has not yet broken the PROMISE. i wondered when i first met him, but now i know. "i know what it is like to lose a best friend and i dont want to put anyone through that. also, i PROMISED my bestfriend that i wouldnt, even though she is now dead." that quote came from him and that is also one of my reasons,"...i know wouldnt want to put anyone through that." i have lost friends to suicide and it hurts...i dont want my friends and family to have to go through that. This guy has had such a tough life and has had so many people in his life die that are important to him. i wonder how he has the strength and that is why in some ways i look up to him. his best friend broke the PROMISE, but if that horrific thing should happen to come along...will i? i say "hell naw" right now, and hopefully it wont change.

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