Dead in my Mind (by Michelle and Me)

All you do is lie but i dont care anymore

you might as well die

cause ur dead in my mind

no, you aint no friend of mine

i try to be nice but lyin is your vice

you say youve got a disease

i guess that sets your mind at ease

when you lie to your friends and family

make them feel dispair and misery

but all your doing is lyin to yourself

youre pretending like your someone else

but you dont have a clue

what youre doing is hurting you

and its hurting me, why cant you see

suffocated by your lies

constantly tormented by your disguise

ive given up on you

i just cant feel the way that you do

so now i hate you

you make your friends hearts black and blue

i try to listen to what you say

may be, just maybe itll be different today

but its the same old shit

im fuckin sick of it

ive had enough

all your betrayals have added up

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