Peace For The Future

Peace For The Future

With our dark journey behind, we need from God, peace of mind,
Regarding just what our future holds, as this present life unfolds,
God needs to help all my family, to see He’s still God of Eternity,
Ways He used to help us through, God above will continue to do.

Together we must trust God above, in all things that we speak of,
To trust the Lord with all our heart, Truth, which we mustn’t depart,
Acknowledging Him in all our ways, relying upon Him all our days,
And The Lord will direct our path, through our journey’s aftermath.

Our journey has been a long one, and at times, very far from fun,
But, even in the darkest place, our Lord supplied abundant grace,
Grace which came always on time, not by ours but God’s design,
As He walks us through this life, to build our faith in Jesus Christ.

The future can be uncertain to us, and so we look to Christ Jesus,
Although it may be unsure at best, He has helped us in every test,
As The Lord God molds my family, for a future He called Eternity,
Where uncertainty won’t be found, not on earth but eternal ground.

On The Rock we’ll need to stand, in the times we don’t understand,
Not relying upon what we know, but trusting in what God will show,
Through His Power and His Grace, as, in God, we live out our faith,
Preparing each of us in His Son, for a future home in His Kingdom.

(Copyright ©10/2011 Bob Gotti)

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