Avoiding Worry

Avoiding Worry


When things in life become a bother, we can trust our Heavenly Father,

When trials trouble our heart and mind, we must leave all worry behind,

Christ’s admonition we must heed, not to worry as He knows our need,

In this life we must worry not, as God knows our needs in our life’s lot.


Worry can lead to temptations friend, which, can lead to sin in the end,

As your worry can lead to the birth, of storing up treasure on this earth;

We must lift all our concerns to Him, to avoid falling into worry and sin,

Knowing that God takes care of us, as we are led daily by Christ Jesus.


For, all worry my friend, you shall find, can lead one to a divided mind,

As worry is sin, practiced in stealth, trying to control things by yourself,

Worry is not simply like concern, where God is involved, we must learn,

To trust in God with all of our heart, we must allow all worries to depart!


Isn’t our life more than our need? A question from Christ we must heed,

Knowing God always takes care, of the birds of less value up in the air,

Do flowers toil and spin? Next to Solomon their dressed finer than Him,

Concerning things upon earth’s sod, we must trust in our Heavenly God.


All of our needs are known by Christ, so friend worry not about this life?

Unlike the unbelievers dear friend, we know God shall see us to the end,

So, whether it’s tomorrow or today, we need to obey all God has to say,

The very words of Christ, to all of us, we mustn’t worry, but in God trust!


(Copyright ©03/2014 Bob Gotti)

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