Where Do They Stand?

Probing Questions

Where Do They Stand?


Where do those, whom we know, stand with God when it’s time to go?

Where do they stand with Jesus Christ, in the matter of death and life?

I am speaking of death and life eternally, one or the other all shall see,

They may be your family or a friend; are they ready for their life’s end?


Am I doing my best for Jesus Christ, as His witnesses while in the life?

Being salt and light every day, to point friends and family to The Way?

The Only Way to God’s Salvation, revealed to men through Revelation,

The words, from God to everyone, to point all men to God’s Only Son.


Some may know about The Lord, but His Truth, by them goes ignored,

For them with the Bible seldom read, they lean on what men have said,

Some do not even go to church, but, in the pew of opinion they perch,

With opinions not against you or I, but they oppose God from on high.


They need their eyes to be opened by, The Spirit of God from on high,

The Lord must also open their heart, to accept His Truth that we impart,

For people still need the Lord today, this, no matter what they may say.

For everyone is a sinner my friend, and faces God come this life’s end.


So pray to God for those we know, for doors through which we can go,

In order to create a conversation, about Jesus Christ and His Salvation;

For The Truth of God they need to face, while it’s still the Age of Grace,

So, they can embrace Jesus Christ, to have the promise of Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©03/2014 Bob Gotti)

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