Not Borrowed Time

The Word of God

Not Borrowed Time


Some say I’m on borrowed time, but I am living out God’s design,

My present life, planned out by God, well beyond this earthly sod.

My days are in The Book of Life, all, written down by Jesus Christ,

The very Author of my salvation, planned my start and destination.


He knows the beginning and end, every valley, hill and every bend,

As all of my steps upon this sod, He now leads with staff and rod;

All was planned before I knew, the God, Who created me and you,

With every step ordered by Christ, yes, every path and bend in life.


Death, I could be facing friend, however, only God knows my end,

Indeed, the very time and place, as He sustains me, now by grace,

All by His Grace and His Power, The Lord, sustains my every hour,

No matter what the doctor may say, only God knows my final day.


The very life that God has for me, was determined through eternity,

Yes well before my mother’s womb, He knew He’d prepare a room,

A dwelling for me to be with Him, in Paradise, free of grief and sin,

Where I shall be forevermore, as I step through that Heavenly Door.


The very time set is God’s, not mine, all by His predestined design,

Well before this world’s foundation, God appointed my destination,

With this life being a temporal time, before I enter heaven’s sublime,

The time The Lord has set for me, to transition from earth to eternity.


(Copyright ©02/2014 Bob Gotti)

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