Accountability And Judgment

God's Sovereignty

Accountability And Judgment


Many people intelligent and bright, have been seduced into the night,

Led away by Satan’s spiritual spoof, they do not believe God’s Truth,

By many today, His Truth is denied, for they’re filled with sinful pride,

The same pride behind Lucifer’s fall, trips many today, big and small.


Some do not want any accountability, to The Creator over all eternity,

We’re all accountable to The Lord, a fact that’s chosen to be ignored,

But, it is The Lord over all creation, Who, determines your destination,

Every person’s destination eternally, this my friend, everyone will see.


God’s Judgment all shall face, at the end of life or this Age of Grace,

It’s appointed for all once to die, then receive judgment from on high,

Judgment, by The Lord for all; the rich and poor, the great and small,

Many have fallen for Satan’s ruse, but, all shall stand without excuse!


Both death and life is facing us all, as we all come out of Adam’s fall,

From which, creation is under curse, and judgment will be only worse,

If the Creator did not intervene, bringing His Salvation onto the scene,

His Salvation offered to every soul, everyone cursed, through the fall.


The Savior came not to condemn, but, to be the salvation for all men,

But, the individual must believe, before His salvation they can receive,

Salvation that grants men eternal life, through the Savior, Jesus Christ,

So believe before your last breath, and you’ll see life instead of death.


(Copyright ©02/2014 Bob Gotti)

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