As Days Go By

The Word of God

As Days Go By


As we watch the days go by, are we mindful of God on high?

He, Who grants us breath, ordaining both our birth and death,

As we think of the Only One, Who created the moon and sun,

Ordering them both to give light, creating both day and night.


As the days go by, dear friend, men approach their life’s end,

A time on earth all will face, as we approach the end of Grace,

One day everyone shall die, to see their Creator from on high,

Even if God, you have ignored, every soul shall see The Lord.


Just as many days have passed, life upon earth shall not last,

It’s appointed for all once to die, then, judgment from on high,

That time ahead all men will see, before they face their eternity.

Time to see The Judge or Lord, a time by none will be ignored.


There’s indeed a Hell to shun, for a Place created by The Son.

Not found below, but high above, all provided by God’s Love,

As His Son became a sacrifice, so many could enter Paradise,

Taking on for man, God’s Wrath, to offer man a Heavenly path.


Yes, God will judge all the earth, so he offers man a New Birth,

This, to become a child of God, with a new path for us to trod,

Being saved from God’s Wrath, we’re directed onto a new path,

To now live for the Glory of Christ, followed by our Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©01/2014 Bob Gotti)

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