A Darker Turn For Us

A Darker Turn For Us


More change, Lord, please help me, in a future I know not or can see,

Please help me with grace along the way, abiding in you, day by day,

While things appear even darker still, remind me that I am in Your Will.

Knowing that you are watching over me, what is ahead I need not see.


You’ve held me in my trials and fears, sustaining me over three years,

Showering me with all needed Grace, through whatever I need to face,

Wherever my journey had me go, your plentiful Love did always show,

Pouring love and grace in my life, not only on me but also on my wife.


Lord please continuing sustaining me, through a time we’ve yet to see,

Please guide both me and my wife, in a future where uncertainty is rife,

While relying not on man’s medicine, but your Spirit, Who dwells within,

As our pathway again has turned, guide us to live out all we’ve learned.


This disease is not pleasant at all, but, You Lord are big and it is small,

Please Lord afford us both Your Mercy, as the end we have yet to see,

Lord, I know we’re both in your hand, in this time we do not understand,

So please fill us both with Your Peace, so through all it will never cease.


Lord, it’s your place and your time, when I shall see my path so sublime,

That reality as I enter into Heaven above, all promised through your love,

For what this cancer cannot do, is take from me the fact of knowing you,

So if this cancer does take my life, I’ll be in the presence of Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©01/2014 Bob Gotti)

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