From Abraham To Christ

The Nation Israel

From Abraham To Christ


The baby Christ, who God had sent, would move to God’s fulfillment,

His covenant with David and Abraham, in the birth of the Son of Man,

The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to provide The Way, to eternal life,

Starting with Abraham’s Dynasty, to include gentiles, like you and me.


Christ is a descendant of Abraham, the Spiritual Father, of every man,

Through his lineage came salvation, for Israel and every gentile nation,

Through Abraham all would be blessed, pointing men to a Future Rest,

Starting with Abraham’s step of faith, that would lead all men to Grace.


Through Judah came King David, by being blessed from Jacob’s bed,

The Tribe pointing to Israel’s’ Messiah, before that Patriarch would die,

Confirming The Davidic Covenant, for in its fulfillment, Christ was sent,

The One who will sit on David’s Throne, to rule a people of God’s own.


From Judah will come God’s Scepter, in a reign which will last forever,

From Judah, it shall never depart, of a covenant, only God could start,

A promise regarding David’s Kingdom, would bring God’s Eternal Son,

As Messiah shall have eternal reign, ruling in the power of God’s Name.


From Abraham to David friend, through Jesus Christ, the Ultimate End,

God’s Covenant was truly fulfilled, through many people as God willed,

This to fulfill His eternal covenant, through the very One, God had sent,

The baby and Lord, Jesus Christ, so God could grant men Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©12/2013 Bob Gotti)

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