Left And Right

Left And Right


Can one embrace darkness and light, as one is wrong and one is right,

For those who know Christ Jesus, that answer is in His Righteousness,

Following His Spirit that dwells within, while in a world of darkened sin,

Those who are of Christ’s Light, cannot embrace man’s wrong as right.


Politically there’s the left and right, opposing views, like day and night,

Each one goes in different ways, seeking not God’s, but man’s praise,

Different ways, for a different cause, it should make a Christian pause,

Asking what does God’s Word say, as to both the cause and their way.


Today on the left many people walk, being guided by man’s liberal talk,

While to the right, many others will go; what is their end, we don’t know;

To the left, the fool’s heart leans, creating the many very liberal scenes,

While to the right wise men shall trod, but, their majority still avoid God.


To the left and right many will stray, never knowing the Lord’s only way,

Not out of man’s political deliberation, but from God’s Holy Revelation,

As many today wander in the night, far from our Lord’s Righteous Light,

Never finding God’s way of Truth, while moving a nation to His Reproof.


If leaders should continue to stray, God’s Judgment will not be far away,

As Rome should be a reminder to all, that even great nations too will fall,

Continuing their dark agendas friend, judgment for us, could be our end,

As The Lord shall judge ever nation, according to God’s Holy Revelation.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)

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