Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

The Word of God

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow


Tomorrow may be a day away, but will be just like today,

Another day to live for Christ, in this moment we call life,

Another day to follow God, led by Christ’s staff and rod,

A day similar in every way, to that one we call yesterday.


For time, they’re all cast, as present, future and the past,

The present is the day we live, often spoken of as a gift,

With the future yet to be, which, shall extend into eternity,

And behind us is the past, that time where memories last.


Though the past is behind, memories bring it to our mind,

Of that time we first believed, and the Savior we received,

Much of God we didn’t know, so the Lord helped us grow,

While learning to live this life, for The Savior, Jesus Christ.


In the present God uses us, all who belong to Christ Jesus,

As our life for God is unfurled, as His witness in this world,

Being a voice for God’s Word, to a world that hasn’t heard,

The Truth in God’s Revelation, leading to His only salvation.


Once in Christ they do believe, Eternal Life they will receive,

Life beyond this present time, all ordered by God’s Design,

As He leads us in tomorrow, in all that joy, pain and sorrow,

To a future with Jesus Christ, beyond today into eternal life.


(Copyright ©11/2013 Bob Gotti)

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