Even After

Even After


While on a journey I asked not for, I need The Lord so much more,

Trusting in God, I am resolved, especially with my family involved,

Through all of the trials and strife, this journey produces in my life,

True peace only God can afford, so I must trust in Christ, my Lord.


As things do appear to darken, the Truth from God I must hearken,

Not allowing any circumstance, to move me like a wave of chance,

But staying steadfast in the arms, through all the mounting alarms,

In The Everlasting Arms of God, as Christ leads with staff and rod.


I must trust in God’s Sovereignty, as God leads me and my family,

With the future shrouded by a veil, God’s plans for us shall prevail,

If God’s ways seem to be a mystery, in Christ there is consistency,

As the times now get far less clear, I cannot allow my heart to fear.


I must trust God and His Word, Whose Truth is not simply inferred,

But promises that we can receive, in trials that we’d never conceive,

This, as darker tests become our lot, whether we understand or not,

We’re still in God’s sovereign hand, even when we don’t understand.


Even if the cancer would take my life, God will take care of my wife,

While I meet my Lord in eternity, on earth God will uphold my family,

Until God’s Promise to all of us, believers in The Lord, Christ Jesus,

One day, again we will be together, in Eternity with The Lord forever.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)

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