Imputed Righteousness


Imputed Righteousness


My heart and mind are so depraved, yet, by God I’ve been saved,

When to me God would afford, salvation through Christ, The Lord,

Through salvation, I am forgiven, now, New Life I have been given,

Now in Christ, I’m a New Creation, all afforded by God’s Salvation.


This happened the instant when, by God’s Spirit, I was Born Again,

Born anew, by The Spirit of God, while a sinner on this earthly sod.

Where on earth, no one is good, while from Christ it is understood,

“No one is good, no not one”, I have the righteousness of The Son,


Not a righteousness of my own, but, which is found in Christ alone,

His Righteousness imputed to me, all done by The God of Eternity,

Righteousness received by grace, when in Christ I believed by faith,

This, that I could live this life, in the Righteousness, of Jesus Christ.


Though I am still a sinner friend, my Lord has for me a glorious end,

One which began upon this earth, this when I experienced New Birth,

As a believer I am now set apart, granted, from Christ, my new start,

This began for me that new story, which shall end in Heaven’s Glory.


Friend, it is alone the Righteousness, of my Lord God, Christ Jesus,

That saved me from sin’s marketplace, all provided by God’s Grace;

There is nothing I could have done, apart from the life of Gods’ Son,

Who paid sin’s entire penalty for me, on the bloody cross of Calvary.


(Copyright ©11/2013 Bob Gotti)


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