Emotional Sway

Emotional Sway


My emotions go up and down, while changing a smile to a frown,

But, The Holy Spirit dwelling inside, is for me God’s stable guide,

So as my emotions fluctuate, during times that I didn’t anticipate,

God’s Spirit along with stability, also grants peace and tranquility.


Up and down my emotions can be, but, I serve a God of stability,

Knowing the beginning and the end, God’s with me at every bend,

Yes, every bend, during this life, through the trials, pain and strife,

When emotions sway towards fear, I know my God is always near.


For although my emotions change, my God shall remain the same,

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, He remains true, in all my sorrow,

My Lord and God changes never, as He remains the same forever,

With all of my trust placed in Him, my Lord grants me peace within.


God has me safe within His hand, even in times I don’t understand,

Through all changes my life will take, I know God shall not forsake,

Me, while I journey in this life, for I belong to His Son, Jesus Christ,

Who, by my side, today leads me, to my glorious home in Eternity.


So when my emotions begin to fall, I’m reminded, Christ is over all,

That’s every single aspect of, my life on earth, from Heaven above,

As God grants me sufficient grace, for all the trials that I shall face,

As I move toward my ultimate destiny, of a life with Christ, eternally.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)

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