Beside Salvation

God's Sovereignty

Beside Salvation


If any man, would only believe, not only a pardon do they receive,

A pardon from the penalty of sin, but, The Spirit now dwells within,

Residing in the heart of everyone, who truly believes in God’s Son,

To guide them in God’s Revelation, after they receive His Salvation.


Guiding souls in the knowledge of, Truths sent from Heaven above,

With The Holy Spirit as our guide, in The Truth of God we can abide,

In all Truths that Jesus had said, The Spirit would teach in His stead,

Teaching believers while in this life, to be examples for Jesus Christ.


The Holy Spirit helps believers share, The Gospel Truths everywhere,

As Christ’s Spirit leads the way, He fills our mouth with words to say,

Conveying Truth from God’s Word, Truth that some may have heard,

Relating those Truths to Christ Jesus, using believers as His witness.


The Holy Spirit is also our comforter, sent to believers by our Savior,

God’s Comforter to men in this life, as believers face trials and strife,

He grants us peace along the way, comforting us both night and day,

Through His peace, we are assured, we are not forsaken by The Lord.


When in Christ you are a new creature, The Holy Spirit is your teacher,

To guide you in all Truth from God, as you journey on the earthly sod,

He’s a Comforter to those in Christ, granting His peace within this life,

And He my friend is our Guarantee, as we’re sealed for life in Eternity.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)

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