True Repentance

Spiritual Change

True Repentance


Today in the Body there’s a sense, we are missing true Repentance,

The fear of God is missing in us, many who belong to Christ Jesus,

Have many who have come to faith, taken advantage of His Grace?

Continuing on in their old behavior; not truly walking with the Savior.


Repentance, when it actually starts, continues on in believing hearts,

As it produces changes in our lives, as new life in the Savior thrives,

As Godly sorrow enters into a heart, from sinful ways we will depart,

As we all strive to live out this life, to be like The Lord, Jesus Christ.


We need to know when we fail, so The Holy Spirit in us may prevail,

Forsaking the old ways of our life, to live the Truths of Jesus Christ,

Led by the Spirit who Christ had sent, so in our lives we may repent,

To turn away from our old ways, to walk with our Savior all our days.


True change doesn’t come from us, but by the Spirit of Christ Jesus,

As we’re moved by His Spirit within, exposing the truth of all our sin,

Moving us to the changes required, to be that person Christ desired,

When we accepted His forgiveness, to live for Him in righteousness.


True repentance produces change, so we’re not to ever be the same,

When we experience Godly sorrow, change continues into tomorrow,

As God’s Word dwells richly within, God leads us to repent of all sin,

To produce all change within our life, all for the glory of Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)

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