In My Quiet



In My Quiet


In my quiet, I think of you, all the things you’ve seen me through,

How indeed, you came to me, to open my eyes towards Calvary,

As you showed me just who I am, a sinner, in need of The Lamb,

The Lamb from earth’s foundation, to bring to all, your Salvation.


How I was embraced in your love, accepting me just where I was,

Accepting me, in my sinful life, while guiding me to Jesus Christ,

Who forgave me of all my sin, to indwell me with His Spirit within,

To lead me in all of God’s Truth, with my New Life as living proof.


Regarding Truths, I did not know, His Holy Spirit helped me grow,

In God’s Truth and Righteousness, in the Spirit of my Lord Jesus,

Who helps and leads me day to day, along this life’s Narrow Way,

All this provided at my new birth, to live anew for Him on the earth.


Not only did you provide salvation, you assist me in all tribulation,

Around every bend in this life, you’re my comfort through all strife,

Even when the trial may not cease, you supply an enduring peace,

Peace supplied by the Spirit of Christ, as you guide me in this life.


I also ponder your promise to me, of life ahead with you, eternally,

For by The Spirit, I’ve been sealed, for eternity ahead yet revealed,

All provided through your grace, so soon I’ll see my Savior’s face,

This, when I enter into Eternal Life, to live forever with Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)



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