Their Darker Agenda


Their Darker Agenda


It is not getting any better, my friend, as we could soon see the end,

The end of God’s protective grace, with the despotic leader in place,

For leaders now abandon God, deceiving many with a deceitful nod,

Saying that what’s wrong is right, turning to darkness instead of light.


Against Truth, they continue to rail, as dark ways they want to prevail,

To propagate their darker attitudes, amongst the deceived multitudes,

As a darker agenda leaders peruse, using their rhetoric that’s not true,

Falling in line with that big lie, to oppose The God who reigns on high.


By leaders a darker agenda is perused, while the liberal media is used,

To cover up darker deceptive ways, as the leader receives their praise,

Keeping the multitudes in the dark, regarding their future which is stark,

With no protection for them ahead, leading into a darker future instead.


Politics and media walk hand and hand, as the Leader takes his stand,

To bring darkness into the nation, while destroying its very foundation,

Holding back on the truth to be told, as this leader the masses behold,

Thinking he conveys political truth, while only leading to God’s reproof.


Straying from the Lord for so long, the delusion in this nation is strong,

Deluding leaders to wickedly rule, as they lead like that proverbial fool,

Governing as if there is no God, but, they’ll definitely see His Iron Rod,

As He judges all the moral corruption, as we reach our final destruction.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)


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