Our Ministry of Reconciliation

Our Ministry of Reconciliation


Carrying out the commission of Christ, gives us comfort in this life,

Knowing our life has real purpose, in serving our Lord Christ Jesus,

In a dark world filled with uncertainty, our mission focus on eternity,

So, while on earth it is our mission, to fulfill The Great Commission.


The motivation for us is replete, beginning at the Lord’s Bema Seat,

The Judgment Seat of Christ, where works are judged from this life,

Where believers stand before the Lord, to receive or not our reward,

That’s built upon our foundation, to share with men God’s Salvation.


Christ will judge every individual, on how they performed God’s Will,

All our service, that has endured, will be acknowledged by The Lord,

The fear of The Lord motivates us, to persuade men to Christ Jesus,

Led by Christ’s Spirit from above, we are compelled by God’s Love.


Being that Christ had died for my sin, I have chosen, to live for Him,

Through the power of God’s Salvation, in Christ I am a new creation,

Moved by God with new purpose; living not for me but Christ Jesus,

With a new perspective and propensity, I’m now focused on eternity.


By Christ, we’ve been sanctified; now in God’s eyes we are justified.

Now being His New Creation, we are Ambassadors of Reconciliation,

With a new passion and purpose, the Savior can use each one of us,

In His Ministry of Reconciliation, sharing with others God’s Salvation.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)

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