Loved, Saved And Justified

Loved, Saved And Justified


Living on earth He showed us love, The Lord and Savior from above,

Coming from Heaven to earth below, to all, God’s love He did show,

As Christ walked this earthly sod, He showed to all the Love of God,

The love of God was shown to us, through the life of His Son Jesus.


Dying in a dark world so depraved, by The Lord God we were saved,

By wicked men Christ was crucified, while for sinners, The Lord died,

Dying alone on the wicked cross, Christ gave His life for sinners lost,

Upon that cross at Mount Calvary, Jesus Christ died for you and me.


After He died our sins are found, buried with The Lord, in the ground,

Carrying all of our sins far away, when The Lamb was buried that day,

In that grave God had buried for us, all of our sins, with Christ Jesus,

In the earth’s darkness and gloom, Christ buried our sins in the tomb.


Rising from the death Christ died, we in God’s eyes are now justified,

Now reconciled to The Lord God, as sinners on this earth cursed sod,

Imputed with the Lord’s Righteousness, by the Resurrection of Jesus,

When receiving from God a new life, through our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Now abiding in His Spirit from above, I can walk in The Savior’s Love,

Although a sinner, still depraved, by Jesus Christ, I have been saved,

Now, God has forgiven all my sin, never again, to be recalled by Him,

For I’m justified by my Savior Christ, entitled to enter into Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)

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