An Eternal Perspective

The Word of God

An Eternal Perspective


An Eternal Perspective will help us, keep our minds on Christ Jesus,

The Author and Finisher of our Faith, as God guides us in His grace,

The sustaining grace provided by, our Lord God who reigns on high,

He, who gives to us Eternal Life, comforts us by The Spirit of Christ.


The Spirit of God helps us see, in Christ we have a glorious ministry,

His ministry which changes lives, while living in these temporal times,

This ministry, upon this earthly sod, is directed by The Spirit of God,

As we now journey on this earth, through the power of our New Birth.


The Lord God has saved us friend, to point others to an eternal end,

The end, when we finish this life, which, continues on in Jesus Christ;

Living on, in a temporal world, we have an eternal message to herald,

As The Holy Spirit helps others see, God’s Truth concerning Eternity.


Though we are but jars of clay, for Christ we proclaim an eternal way,

Through all pressures of this life, we have hope through Jesus Christ,

Though we are perplexed at times, we look to God’s Eternal Designs,

Even though death is at work in us, we are comforted in Christ Jesus.


We know that all life here will fail, but, in The Lord we eternally prevail,

Although our mortal body will perish, new life in Christ we can cherish,

Even as our earthly life does end, an eternity with Christ we will spend,

In an eternal dwelling built by God, that far surpasses this earthly sod.


While in our earthly tents we groan, in anticipation of our eternal home,

A home where death will be no more, but a life with Christ forevermore,

With Christ’s Spirit as our guarantee, of our future with Christ, eternally,

For through the power of Resurrection, we have an Eternal Destination.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)

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