His Commission Is Our Mission


His Commission Is Our Mission


Though we live in darker times, will still must obey God’s Design,

For all who belong to Jesus Christ, as we live out this earthly life,

Although the nations go astray, Christ’s Message, is here to stay,

As His Gospel Message we impart, to every lost and needy heart.


We are all to remain occupied friend, for our Savior up to the end,

All believers are on a mission, to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission,

To live out life sharing our faith, until the end of this Age of Grace,

When The Lord will turns the page, as Grace ends closing this Age.


Until that time, we must witness, per the command of Christ Jesus,

Proclaiming to every land and nation, the Good News of Salvation,

In the name of the Father, Son and Spirit, to all men who will hear it,

All the teachings of Christ’s Gospel, until His Commission we fulfill.


From this mission, we’re not to stray, even while in the darkest day,

But continuing to share Christ’s light, even during the darkest night,

It’s the Gospel believers impart, for only Truth changes one’s heart,

As unchanging Truths of Jesus Christ, leads man to a changed life.


Changing us, by Truths we’ve heard, to share with others The Word,

Saving Truth of The Word of God, wherever The Savior has us trod,

With The Gospel, we’ve been sent, to be The Lord’s faithful servant,

Desiring to hear the words “well done”, from the heart of God’s Son.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)

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