Eternal God of Glory

God's Sovereignty

Eternal God of Glory


The God of all Heaven and earth, The Only One of eternal worth,

Came to this earth for each of us, through The Son Christ Jesus,

He came to earth, in order to give, an eternal view to all who live,

A perspective that leads to eternal life, in The Lord, Jesus Christ.


The heavens and earth will perish He’s the one we are to cherish,

As The Eternal God and Creator, who came to earth to be Savior,

As Heaven and earth pass away, Christ offers man an eternal way,

God, who made Heaven and earth, fits us for eternity by new birth.


An eternal worth God gives to all, all believers, both big and small,

All those, who come to Jesus Christ, God grants them Eternal Life,

A new life, in Christ, that they’d begin, while still in this world of sin,

But through the power of salvation, they’re given a new destination.


Believers are born of a heavenly birth, now pilgrims upon this earth,

Upon a path, which starts at Calvary, that shall take us into Eternity,

In Christ we’re God’s New Creation, through the Power of Salvation,

Now set apart to live life for God, as we journey on this earthly sod.


We’ve been set apart, for God’s Glory, all part of His Eternal Story,

As Christ saves souls, like you and me, to be part of God’s Family,

As The Lord grants us eternal merit, while from Him believers inherit,

The Righteousness of Jesus Christ, so that we will enter Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©10/2013 Bob Gotti)

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