Comfort In God’s Sufficiency

God's Sovereignty

Comfort In God’s Sufficiency


God is sufficient in all things, as trials to us this life brings,

For He is The Lord over all, all our problems big and small,

Taking us from place to place, God leads us by His Grace,

As we come to another bend, God gives victory in the end.


For every victory belongs to God, wherever He has us trod,

As we journey on this earth, through the power of new birth,

As Christ leads us, all the way, by His Spirit, night and day,

As God uses a believer’s life, as a witness for Jesus Christ.


From our witness, some believe, as the Savior they receive,

But those not of God’s elect, hear The Truth, but then reject,

Truth about God’s salvation, and so reject God’s Revelation,

But some accept what we impart, allowing God in their heart.


Every changed heart and life, will be a letter of Jesus Christ,

A living epistle for The Lord, which, by others is not ignored,

As from old ways they depart, led anew by a changed heart,

Leading others, by our witness, to their Savior, Christ Jesus.


All by the sufficiency of Christ, to produce in men a new life,

As God’s Spirit works in men, as in Christ they’re born again,

Through the power of salvation, God starts a transformation,

Of that believer’s way in life, all for the Glory of Jesus Christ.


This same transforming power, helps us every day and hour,

Through the trials we may see, God’s Grace and Sufficiency,

In His sufficiency along the way, He holds us up day to day,

During all challenges in our life, for the glory of Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©09/2013 Bob Gotti)

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