God of All Comfort

God's Sovereignty

God of All Comfort


I serve a God of all comfort, when I am faced with pain and hurt,

In this fallen world, filled with strife, God comforts me in this life,

In an evil world, tainted by sin, He comforts all who come to Him,

God Comforts those in this life, who truly belong to Jesus Christ.


He comforts us in the knowledge of, how The Lord reigns above,

In the knowledge of how He has, comforted believers in the past,

How He said from the start, from believers, He shall never depart,

With knowledge of life ahead for me, with Jesus Christ in Eternity.


We are comforted in God’s love, as Christ guides us from above,

Those who come to Him in faith, God supports with loving Grace,

God’s love that leads all of us, those who belong to Christ Jesus;

The never ending Love of God, always with us on this earthly sod.


God comforts us with His peace, that during trials does not cease,

All understand His peace exceeds, as God meets all of our needs,

His peace doesn’t waver friend, from the start of trials to their end,

As in any trial that we go through, His peace comforts me and you.


God comforts us with His Power, all through the very darkest hour,

This during any trial that we face, as God provides sufficient grace,

For with God’s power, we can cope, focused on our Blessed Hope,

Our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ, who will usher us into Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©09/2013 Bob Gotti)

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