Transforming Me

Spiritual Change

Transforming Me


I need the Lord’s transforming power, every day and every hour,

That in my heart He will shower, abundantly His changing power,

For when my heart goes astray, I need His power along the way,

To stay the path ordered for me, a changed heart, for all to see.


I know my friend, that I am saved, but my heart is still depraved,

That old man is fighting within, tempting me, always towards sin,

To spout off, in my older ways, just like I walked in former days,

The ways I need to leave behind, while God transforms my mind.


While this battle inside me rages, carnal thoughts are the wages,

When I give into the fleshly urges, an action or comment surges,

One which is not honoring to, The One, Who saved me and you,

This, as I fall back into old ways, influenced by my former days.


Days that I knew not The Lord, when righteousness was ignored,

My former life when I knew not Him, I lived my life in flagrant sin,

But behind me they all must stay, as I walk on life’s Narrow Way,

By God’s Power, in my life, to live for the honor of Jesus Christ.


I’m here to be a witness friend, so I must allow The Lord to rend,

These old ways from my behavior, to be that light for my Savior,

As Christ purges me of all dross, this by the power of the Cross,

Continually transforming my life, all for the honor of Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©09/2013 Bob Gotti)

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