Self Control


Self Control


All believers can have self control, as they obey the Lord over all,

In a sinful world filled with strife, this when we follow Jesus Christ,

Moved by His Word as we hear it, producing the fruit of the Spirit,

This, as we travel this earthly sod, convicted by The Spirit of God.


Throughout our life, as a whole, The Spirit can helps us to control,

Our own desires, within our life, through The Spirit of Jesus Christ,

Learning in our life to abstain, from fleshly desires in order to gain,

Spiritual wisdom in a world of sin, gained through The Spirit within.


Self control permits us to fulfill, not our own, but The Father’s Will,

When The Holy Spirit controls us, we can focus on God’s purpose,

Guided and moved by His love, we purpose to live for God above,

This, when God’s Spirit controls us, to live in God’s Righteousness.


Self control comes through discipline, when we live our life for Him,

Our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, to live a life, which truly pleases,

The Father above, watching all, who demands from us, self control,

As we’ve crucified our own desire, to live for God, spiritually higher.


As God’s divine nature we partake, earthly desires we must forsake,

As our whole life to Christ we give, a spirit filled life we need to live,

Walking not as in our former life, we live anew through Jesus Christ,

Putting off the old man’s ways, while living for His honor and praise.


(Copyright ©09/2013 Bob Gotti)


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