As we have Christ’s Righteousness, we too grow in His gentleness,

Gentleness, dealing with others, unbelievers and Christian brothers,

Being gentle, humble and meek, while our Lord’s will we daily seek,

Sharing God’s Truth with everyone, in the gentleness of God’s Son.


Gentle and fair minded, we must be, so as we live life, all shall see,

This as we testify for Jesus Christ, His gentleness, must fill our life,

As we deal with our brothers, when for Christ, we encourage others,

Helping brothers that fall to stand, this with a gentle heart and hand.


A Christ like model, we must impart, with a true, gentle, loving heart;

Christ, who came to provide us rest, from every burden, trial or test,

So, we need gentleness, not a rod, as we serve others, for our God,

When helping or correcting anyone, we must be gentle, like His Son.


Regarding gentleness, understand, it’s not optional but a command,

Direct from our Savior, up above, to live in His gentleness and love,

Putting off old ways of wickedness, to be clothed in His gentleness,

This also is for husband and wife, as they live out their Christian life.


The Word of God must have its way, as we live this life, day to day,

As we live for God on this earth, through the Spirit of our New Birth,

Desiring to be like who God sent, our Lord, His unwavering Servant,

Filled with His gentleness and love, as we point other to God above.


(Copyright ©09/2013 Bob Gotti)

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