Another Bend

Another Bend


With another bend in the road ahead, I’ve no need to fear or dread,

When issues change unexpectedly, my Lord’s always there for me,

In this journey as things change, my God above remains the same,

As my health changes yet again, God above is my Lord and friend.


My Lord God above changes not, whatever may be my present lot,

In my present lot, in life down here, I have no need to dread or fear,

For The Mighty Physician is over all, any cancer issue, big or small,

Cancer may be a menace friend, but my God above knows the end.


This life here is filled with uncertainty, in our preparation for Eternity,

In a world, that’s temporal at best, I am being molded by every test,

By The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, preparing me for Eternal Life,

This through all, I must understand, through the present trial at hand.


Cancer may seem to have its way; however, Christ has the final say,

Regarding how much pain or strife, it may bring about within my life,

As God allows this present trial, He renders grace, there’s no denial,

Each morning His mercy’s new, with the strength to help me through.


Not only does God have the last say, He supplies grace day to day,

Helping me in every day and hour, while providing sustaining power,

As He winds down my present life, comforted in The Spirit of Christ,

Through this very temporal time, toward new life, that’s truly sublime.


(Copyright ©09/2013 Bob Gotti)

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