Preparing Minds

The End Times

Preparing Minds


Minds are being prepared my friend, for a darker time, come the end,

When that darkness poses as light, that shall be darker than the night,

After God’s Church is removed, a charismatic leader will be approved,

By all those remaining in the world, with a dark agenda to be unfurled.


Being promoted to the world’s stage, world problems he shall engage,

Promising all the nations prosperity, he’s a misleading man of iniquity,

Promising a new world of plenty, through his lies he will destroy many,

All through a power, not of his own, he’ll even challenge God’s Throne.


Filled by Satan, this leader is sent, to formulate with Israel, a covenant,

The covenant to last for seven years, to put to rest their ongoing fears,

From fear of the enemies all around, peace with all nations will abound,

A false peace Israel will not see, being deceived by the man of iniquity.


After the covenant he will break, any thought of peace he shall forsake,

After forsaking peace with a nod, he’d proclaim the very power of God,

This as he leads every single nation, to the time of the Great Tribulation,

This not only upon the Nation Israel, but, all those outside of God’s Will.


Friend, Satan today is preparing minds, for his deceptive dark designs,

As God’s Truth the nations deny, they’ll embrace Satan’s deceptive Lie,

Leading many to deny Jesus Christ, they’ll instead embrace Anti-Christ,

Led down that dark deceptive path, only to see God’s Righteous Wrath.


(Copyright ©09/2013 Bob Gotti)

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