Accountable To God

The Word of God

Accountable To God


Everyone is accountable to God, every living soul on earth’s sod,

Accountable to the very Creator, whether or not He is their Savior,

As God above cannot be denied, though to many, Satan has lied,

Even while many continue to insist, that, God above doesn’t exist.


No matter what rationale they use, all men shall be without excuse,

While no one’s life will be ignored, when all stand before The Lord,

God’s Judgment all will receive, even if, in God, you don’t believe,

As all souls, both big and small, shall stand before The Lord of all.


Everyone will be judged my friend, when this life comes to an end,

As all men meet their Creator, Christ, as their Judge or their Savior,

Friend, everyone can be assured, you’ll see God as Judge or Lord,

As Believers and unbelievers too, shall see that God’s Word is true.


Believers will see the Bema Seat, where Judgment will be complete,

For all of their works for The Lord, for, receiving or not their reward;

Unbelievers at The Great White Throne, before The Lord God, alone,

Judged for unbelief and iniquity, then cast from God for all eternity.


God is The Creator of our life, so we’re responsible to Jesus Christ,

Who has been given all Authority, as The Judge, over all of Eternity.

Judging those who don’t believe, as eternal wrath they shall receive,

While those who believe in Christ, will receive from Him, Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©09/2013 Bob Gotti)

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