Faithfulness To The Lord

Faithfulness To The Lord


All Believers need to be faithful, as they follow The Lord’s Will.

For as we mature in Jesus Christ, faithfulness grows in our life,

As we travel this earthly sod, standing firm in the Word of God,

As His witness to this world, as God’s Truth we faithfully herald,


When we live out faithfulness, The Spirit, helps us in obedience,

On earth when we stay occupied, so our labor cannot be denied,

Committed to our Lord, Jesus Christ, we serve Him all of our life,

With The Savior’s coming near, for our Lord Jesus, we persevere.


Because of The Father’s faithfulness, we can be faithful to Jesus,

With God’s mercy new each day, we can face trial, along the way,

In God’s strength and His power, we will stand in the darkest hour,

Just as Moses and David friend, we can be faithful up to the end.


As stewards and servants of Christ, faithfulness is vital in this life,

Due to the resurrection of Christ, we can stand in a world of strife,

When the course is not very clear, to The Lord, we must draw near,

Knowing our frames are but dust, in The Risen Savior we can trust.


In God’s Power, with His Grace, we hold to our profession of faith,

As we must not grow weary friend, as we serve God up to the end,

In our faithfulness there’s reward, when in Heaven we see The Lord,

For through our faithfulness to Christ, believers we reap eternal life.


(Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)

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