All Men Need To Know


All Men Need To Know


All men upon this earthly sod, need to know The Truths of God,

Truths, revealed by The Creator, that leads a soul to The Savior,

Truths, found in God’s Revelation, lead a wise soul to Salvation,

Only through The Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Author, of every life.


Knowing God created everything, the earth, sky and every being,

God created all in seven days, to God’s Glory and God’s Praise,

Finishing with man it’s understood, God saying it was very good,

But with Eve Satan had his way, creating all the sin we see today.


God gave man his life and breath, creating him to not see death;

Satan asking, is God truly over all, caused Adam and Eve to fall,

With Eve accepting Satan’s Lie, Adam and Eve will now surly die,

Now, both forced from Paradise, separated from the Tree of Life.


From the Fall God would curse, creation, which has gotten worse,

Just look around and you can see, man is truly lost in his iniquity,

Truly lost and in need of a Savior, man must return to his Creator,

Christ, the Author of Salvation, God’s only Hope for every nation.


Alienated from God, all men die, a path that only God can rectify,

Done by God upon that Cross, for all men who are spiritually lost,

Now separated from God by sin, they can receive New Life within,

Forgiven of sin, when they believe, Eternal Life, they shall receive.


(Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)

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