Per The High Priest

The Word of God

Per The High Priest


The Only High Priest has told me so, when I die where I’ll go,

That High Priest I speak of, is Jesus Christ in Heaven above,

He said I would be in Paradise, this because of His Sacrifice,

Not about anything I have done, but by the act of God’s Son.


He had acted for you and me, to settle our accounts eternally,

“It is finished” He had cried, before on that cross He had died,

The only Lamb of Righteousness, dying on behalf of all of us,

Paying the price we could not, so life in God, could be our lot.


That lot in life starts down here, for men moved by Godly fear,

That all are under condemnation, that requires God’s Salvation,

Through the High Priest above, sent for sinners by God’s love,

To that wicked cross at Calvary, the Substitute for you and me.


He’s the Author of Salvation for, every man and so much more,

Not merely man’s Only Savior, but Christ is The Eternal Creator,

Creator of every living soul, the only One Who makes us whole.

While they live upon the earth, through salvation’s second birth.


Born Again into the Family of God, while upon this earthly sod,

Sealed forever by God’s Spirit; so condemnation I won’t fear it,

Where I will be as Christ said, so God’s judgment I don’t dread,

In Heaven I will be after this life, living forever with Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)

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