From Law To Grace

God's Sovereignty

From Law To Grace


When you think of man’s salvation, you must turn to God’s Revelation,

Where God revealed His eternal plan, for every woman, child and man,

As you read, you shall understand, God’s Truth, extends to every land,

Although God had chosen Israel, to reveal the plan He intends to fulfill.


God started with The Law, with deeds, to show all men their true needs,

With God’s intention from the very start, to reveal to man his true heart,

Man’s heart that cannot keep His Law, the consequence of Adam’s fall,

With man now dead in sinfulness, saved only by God’s Righteousness.


Righteousness apart from The Law, The Righteousness, required by all,

That is not achieved on our own, but, only provided, by The Lord alone,

Provided to all men by Jesus Christ, sent by God to earth for every life,

To accomplish what only could be done, for all men by God’s only Son.


As God’s anger must be appeased, for sinful man doing as he pleased,

Beyond The Law’s ordained sacrifice, as man’s attempt to pay the price,

As fallen sinners upon the earthly sod, to receive forgiveness from God,

That would not forgive them eternally, so He fulfilled The Law, at Calvary.


Through His Only Son, Jesus Christ, Who, was the only perfect sacrifice,

To accomplish what we could not do, He died and rose, for me and you,

Providing redemption for every man, as the Only salvation in God’s plan,

From Law to Grace, by Revelation, Christ, for all is God’s Only Salvation.


Available to all is God’s Saving Grace, not through the Law, but by Faith,

When in Christ you truly believe, by His grace, eternal life you do receive,

Receiving from God, Righteousness, through faith alone, in Christ Jesus,

Apart from The Law, in Jesus Christ, He grants all who believe eternal life.


(Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)

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